• Monday, 15 July , 2024

Privacy statement

       The privacy statement of the Moldovan Medical Journal defines the position and intentions of the editor in the field of processing and protecting personal data, it is strictly enforced by the head of the institution and employees of the editor and the publisher, and it applies to all personal data of entities processed in the editorial office with and without use of automation tools.
       In submitting their manuscripts the authors entrust the editors with the results of their scientific work and creative effort, on which their reputation and career may depend. The author’s rights may be violated by the disclosure of the confidential details during a review of his/her manuscript.
      The editorial office does not divulge the information about manuscripts in the process of preparing the edition (including receiving the manuscript, content, status in the process of reviewing, criticism, etc.) to anyone other than authors and reviewers.
      The manuscript is treated with the due respect for the authors’ confidentiality. The members of the editorial staff and reviewers respect the authors’ rights by avoiding publicly discussing the authors’ works or appropriating their ideas before the manuscripts are published.
      The editor makes clear to his reviewers that the manuscripts sent for the review are privileged communications and are the private intellectual property of the authors. The reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the manuscript for their files and are prohibited from sharing them with others, except when there is the editor’s permission.
      The reviewers also have rights to confidentiality, which must be respected by the editor. Confidentiality may have to be breached if dishonesty or fraud is alleged but otherwise must be honored.
      The reviewers should return or destroy the copies of manuscripts after submitting the reviews. The editor staff keeps copies of the rejected manuscripts confidentially.
      The publisher has the right to amend this Privacy Statement without the consent of the author. Accepting the text of this Privacy Statement, the author gives his consent to all subsequent changes to it. The new Privacy Statement enters into force from the moment it is posted on the web site, unless otherwise provided for in the new edition.