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History of the Moldovan Medical Journal

       The journal was founded in 1958 on the initiative of Nicolae Testemitsanu, an outstanding expert in orthopedics, social medicine and public health (fig.1). The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova has become the publisher and authorized the first scientific medical periodical under the title Pazirea Sanatatii [Protection Health] in Romanian (fig. 2) and under the title Zdravookhranenie [Health Protection] in Russian.  The journal was published once in two months in Cyrillic alphabet. In 1959 V. Ya. Negrescu (editor-in-chief), N. K. Gheorghiu (vice editor-in-chief), N. L. Gladyrevskii, N. T. Starostenko, A. G. Diorditsa (executive secretary), V. I. Kant, M. M. Bobanova, N. A. Testemitsanu, N. Ch.  Anestiadi were the members of the editorial board of the journal (fig. 3).  The journal included the following rubrics: health care organization, social medicine, clinical and theoretical medicine, the history of medicine, connection with foreign countries, medicine in capitalist countries and health statistics.

                                                                 Sait MMJ Fig 1 Nicolae Testemitsanu                                                               Sait MMJ Fig 3 Pazirea sanatatii 1958

                                              Fig. 1.  Nicolae Testemitsanu,                                   Fig. 2.  The journal Pazirea Sanatatsii                                                                                                   Editor-in-Chief in 1958.                                               February 1958, Vol. 1, No 1. 

                                      Sait MMJ Fig 2 Editorial Board in 1959

Fig. 3.  Editorial Board in 1959. First row – V. Ya. Negrescu, N. K. Gheorghiu, N. L. Gladyrevskii, N. T. Starostenko

Second row –  A. G. Diorditsa, V. I. Kant, M. M. Bobanova, N. A. Testemitsanu, N. Ch. Anestiadi


         In 1959 Vasile Negrescu was appointed the editor-in-chief of the journal (fig. 4).  He dedicated 37 years to this job and retired in 1997.

         In 1966, starting from issue No 4, the journal began to appear with the title Ocrotirea Sanatatii [Health Care] (fig. 5).

                                                      Sait MMJ Fig 4 Vasile Negrescu                                                Sait MMJ Fig 5 Ocrotirea sanatatii 1966

                                                Fig. 4.  Vasile Negrescu,                                      Fig. 5.  The journal Ocrotirea Sanatatsii                                                                                          Editor-in-Chief in 1959 – 1997.                                            August 1966, Vol. 9, No 4.  

       In 1991, starting from issue No 3, the journal changed its title to Curierul Medical [Medical Courier] and switched from the Cyrillic to Latin alphabet (fig. 6).

       From 1998 to 2001, Stanislav Groppa had the position of the editor-in-chief. At present he is the Emeritus Editor-in- Chief, member of the Editorial Board.  Beginning from 2002 Boris Topor was appointed the editor-in-chief of the journal.

                                                            Sait MMJ Fig 6 Curier medical 1991                                                          untitled

                                Fig. 6.  The journal Curier medical.                                 Fig. 7.  The journal Curierul Medical.                                                                                             June 1991, Vol. 34, No 3.                                                February 2013, Vol. 56, No 1.


       Since 2002 the journal has been publishing articles in Romanian, Russian and English with abstracts in English and Russian, the fact that allowed including the journal in the Scientific Medical Library of the Russian Federation, the index of the database being VINITI (All-Russian Scientific and Technical Information Institute) and being listed in Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory.

       In the last 10 years (fig. 7) the journal has been published in an extensive format with high quality photographs and its aim is to go forward to meet the heightened expectations concerning the quality of articles.  The editorial staff has managed to attract many international authors including those from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.  The above has contributed to the journal being expanded both in Moldova and abroad.

       Since 2017 the owner of the journal has become the Scientific Medical Association of the Republic of Moldova.  Starting from the issue No 1, the title of the journal has been changed from the Curierul Medical to the Moldovan Medical Journal and it is published in English.  The journal has become the scientific peer reviewed periodical edition designed for specialists in the areas of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, social medicine and public health.


Title and ISSN history of the Moldovan Medical Journal

1958 – 1994 closed – Ocrotirea Sanatatii                               ISSN 0130-1535

1958 – 1991 closed – Zdravookhranenie                                ISSN 0513-8728

1994 – 2016 closed – Curierul Medical                                  ISSN 1857-0666

2017 – Till present  – The Moldovan Medical Journal           ISSN 2537-6373 (Print)

2017 – Till present  – The Moldovan Medical Journal           ISSN 2537-6381 (Online)