• Monday, 15 July , 2024

Governing Bodies and Selection Process of Editors

      The Moldovan Medical Journal (MMJ) is an official periodical scientific publication of the Scientific Medical Association of Moldova (SMAM) that is the publisher (and owner) of the MMJ.
       The SMAM selects the members of the Editorial Board at the general meeting for the period of two years. The Editorial Board selects the Editor-in-Chief, the Associate Editors and the Head of the Editorial Office.
      The criteria for the selection are: the editorial experience, the number of publications, realized grants, dissertations and membership in international professional societies. Details about the members of the Editorial Board can be found in the Editorial Board MENU (moldmedjoiurnal.md/editorial-board/).
      TThe Scientific Medical Association of Moldova delegates the right to publish the Moldovan Medical Journal to the editorial office Revista Curier Medical. The activity of the editorial office is independent from the influence of the scientific or administrative authorities, pharmaceutical companies or commercial individuals.
      The online and printed versions of the MMJ are produced in collaboration with the printing house – Tipografia Sirius (www.sirius.md).
      On the whole, the activity of the Editorial Board is based on the Statutes of the MMJ, approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova.
      Details can be found in the submenu General Publisher Information.