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Moldovan Medical Journal, June 2021, Vol. 64, No 2


Ischemic stroke in children depending on risk factors

Mariana Sprincean, Svetlana Hadjiu, Cornelia Calcii, Nadejda Lupusor, Ninel Revenco, Stanislav Groppa
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):5-11  

Refractory status epilepticus – a major problem for the practitioners

Cornelia Calcii, Svetlana Hadjiu, Mariana Sprincean, Ludmila Feghiu, Nadejda Lupusor, Ninel Revenco, Stanislav Groppa
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):12-15  

Anxiety and depressive disorders associated with epilepsy in women of reproductive age

Victoria Duca
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):16-20  

Indirect lung injury predictive model in experimental trauma

Oleg Arnaut, Ion Grabovschi, Serghei Sandru, Gheorghe Rojnoveanu, Ruslan Baltaga
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):21-25  

Myocardial remodeling in NSTEMI patients with intermediate and low cardiovascular risk exposed to delayed revascularization

Artiom Surev, Lucia Cioban, Mihaela Ivanov, Ion Popovici, Valeriu Cobet, Mihail Popovici
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):26-32  

Posible differential diagnosis of various chronic nonbacterial prostatites

Artur Colta
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):33-36  

The role of cell signaling molecules in the pathogenesis of glomerulonephritis in children

Angela Ciuntu
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):37-41  

A survey of public knowledge and attitude towards tissue, cell donation and transplantation in the Republic of Moldova

Tatiana Timbalari, Oleg Lozan, Igor Codreanu, Viorel Nacu
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):42-48  

The dental pulp chamber evaluation by using cone-beam computed tomography

Stella Samson, Viorel Nacu
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):49-52  

Experimental substantiation of hyperthermic exogenous and endogenous factors prompt neutralization in burn injuries

Roman Chornopyshchuk
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):53-57  

Some morphological aspects of myocardial bridges

Mihail Tasnic, Ilia Catereniuc
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):58-64  

Comparative analysis between En-bloc resection and transurethral resection of non-muscular invasive bladder tumors

Ivan Vladanov, Alexei Plesacov, Vitalii Ghicavii
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):65-69  

Cardiomyopathy secondary to Duchenne muscular dystrophy in children

Iulia Rodoman, Ina Palii, Victoria Sacara, Sergiu Gladun
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):70-78  

Comparative analysis of the skin decellularization methods

Olga Macagonova, Doina Risnic, Adrian Cociug, Viorel Nacu
Moldovan Medical Journal. June 2021;64(2):79-86