• Wednesday, 24 October , 2018

Transfer of copyright agreement

       The Moldovan Medical Journal (MMJ) allows the authors to hold the copyright without restrictions. For papers with more than one author the corresponding author agrees and is allowed by co-authors to make decisions regarding prepublication release of information in the paper to the media, government agencies or both.
       The listed authors warrant that they are the authors and sole owners of the submitted manuscript. The authors also warrant that: the work is original; it has not been previously published in print or electronic version and is not under consideration by another publisher or electronic medium; it has not been previously transferred, assigned, or otherwise encumbered; the authors have full power to grant such rights.
      With respect to the results of this work, the manuscript of this or substantially similar content will not be submitted to any other journal until the review process in the MMJ has been officially completed (acceptance or rejection of the manuscript). The authors will comply with the requests of the MMJ editors and reviewers to improve the manuscript for publication. The unavoidable disagreements will be submitted in a written form; the authors are aware that the disagreement(s) with the MMJ's requests may result in the rejection of the manuscript.
      The authors hereby grant to the MMJ the right to edit, revise, abridge, and condense the manuscript. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in the MMJ, the authors hereby authorize the MMJ to publish their work in the journal. The authors permit the MMJ to allow third parties to copy any part of the journal without asking for permission, provided that the reference to the source is given and that this is not done for commercial purposes.       When the article is accepted for publication, the authors hereby agree to transfer to the MMJ all rights, including those pertaining to electronic forms and transmissions, under existing copyright laws, except for the following, which the author specifically retains: the right to make further copies of all or part of the published article for use in classroom teaching; the right to reuse all or part of this material in a review or in a textbook of which he is the author; the right to make copies of the published work for internal distribution within the institution that employs the author.