• Sunday, 16 December , 2018

Peer Review Process

       Submitted papers are first put under consideration to decide whether a given paper fits into the area of the journal themes, then papers are sent to reviewers for further approval, usually to leading experts in the field.  The names of the authors and reviewers and their affiliation are not shown to each other.
       For a paper to be published, it must have a well-reasoned approval of the two reviewers, which is then considered and further approved by the Editorial Board.
       If one of two reviews is “negative”, the Editorial Board is approving the rejection or the paper is sent to another reviewer.
       If the paper requires some modifications, it is returned to the author(s) to be revised, taking into account the reviewer’s recommendations.  The modified version is then again forwarded to the reviewer, to consider a possibility for the publication.
       The accepted paper is forwarded for scientific editing and proofreading.  The final version is adjusted with authors for approving and for correction of possible inexactitudes.  However, essential modifications by the author(s) after editing and proofreading are not allowed.
       Submitted manuscripts, photo figures, electronic carrier of information and other materials are not returned.
       In case a paper is rejected, the author(s) receive a well-reasoned explanation from the Editorial Board.
       For more details please read chapter IV of the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.