• Tuesday, 12 November , 2019


       Publication of the journal is supported by the academic and scientific institutions of the Republic of Moldova:
       - Scientific Medical Association of Moldova (www.asmm.md)
       - Nicolae Testemitsanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy (www.usmf.md)
       - Academy of Sciences of Moldova Medical Section (www.asm.md)
       - Institute of Mother and Child (www.mama-copilul.md)
       - Institute of Oncology (www.onco.md)
       - Institute of Cardiology (www.cardiologie.asm.md)
       - Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (www.inn.md)
       - Chiril Draganiuc Institute of Phthisiopneumology (www.ftiziopneumologie.asm.md)
       - Institute of Emergency Medicine (www.urgenta.md)
       - National Agency of Public Health (www.ansp.md)
       - Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (www.amed.md)

       Publication of the journal is favored by the Council of Medical Experts of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Moldova (www.msmps.gov.md)