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Guide for Authors

       The authors are kindly requested to visit our web site www.moldmedjournal.md and strictly follow the directions of the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.
       The articles must be sent electronically to editor@moldmedjournal.md by the author, responsible for the correspondence, using the Authorship Statement Form (www.moldmedjournal/authorship-statement/).
       All papers are to be executed in the following manner:
       1. The manuscripts should be typed in format A4, 1.5-spaced, with 2.0 cm margins, printing type 12 Times New Roman, in Microsoft Word.
       2. The original article (presents new and original scientific findings, explain research methodology and provide data) has to be less than 16 pages long and should consist of an Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and be followed by not more than 40 references.
       3. The review article (provides an overview of a field or subject, synthesize previous research) must not exceed 25 pages and contain not more than 100 references.
       4. The title page should include the first and family name of all the authors, their academic degrees, the name of the department and institution from which the paper has arrived, the phone number and e-mail address of the corresponding author.
       5. The abstract should be written on the title page and limited from 220 to 240 words. The abstract of original article should have 4 parts: Background, Material and methods, Results, Conclusions. The abstract of review article should have 2 parts: Background and Conclusions. The abstract should end with 3 to 6 key words.
       6. The tables and figures must be typed, consecutively numbered and followed by an explanatory text. The figures that have to emphasize a comparison or details are published in color. If colored figures are to be placed, the author must pay an additional fee of €100 per page (1-8 figures on a page).
       7. The references are to be listed in order of their appearance in the text, and the appropriate numbers are to be inserted in the text in square brackets in proper places. The references must comply with the general format outlined in the Uniform Requirements for the Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (www.icmje.org), chapter IV.A.9. The references in the Cyrillic script should be transliterated into Latin script using the American Library Association and Library of Congress Romanization Tables as follows: А–А, Б–В, В–V, Г–G, Д–D, Е–Е, Ё–Е, Ж–ZH, З–Z, И–I, Й–I, К–К, Л–L, М–М, Н–N, О–O, П–P, Р–R, C–S, Т–Т, У–U, Ф–F, Х–KH, Ц–TS, Ч–CH, Ш–SH, Щ–SHCH, Ъ–“, Ы–Y, Ь–‘, Э–Е, Ю–IU, Я–IA. Immediately after the transliteration the translation of the title in English in the square brackets should follow. For example: Ivanov IV, Shchukin NF, Men’shikov VM, Ad”yunktov AM. Transplantatsiia organov i tkanei [Transplantation of organs and tissues]. Vestnik Khirurgii. 2010; 26(6):45-49. Russian.

Submission and Peer Review Process

       1. Submitted articles are first put under consideration to decide whether a given article fits into the area of the journal thematic, then articles are sent to reviewers for further approval, usually to leading experts in the field. The names of the authors and reviewers and their affiliation are not shown to each other.
       2. For an article to be published, it must have a well-reasoned approval of the two reviewers, which is then considered and further approved by the Editorial Board. If one of two reviews is “negative”, the Editorial Board is approving the rejection or the article is sent to another reviewer.
       3. If the article requires some modifications, it is returned to the author(s) to be revised, taking into account the reviewer’s recommendations. The modified version is then again forwarded to the reviewer, to consider a possibility for the publication of the article.
       4. The accepted article is forwarded for scientific editing and proofreading. The final version is adjusted with authors for approving and for correction of possible inexactitudes. However, essential modifications by the author(s) after editing and proofreading are not allowed.
       5. In case an article is rejected, the author(s) receive a well-reasoned explanation from the Editorial Board.

Responsibility of the Editorial Board

       1. The Editorial Board members are responsible for making decisions on accepting or rejecting the submitted articles. Criteria for publication are the scientific value and originality of materials and their conformity with the scope and thematic range of the journal.
       2. The Editorial Board considers only previously unpublished manuscripts, containing the results of original research or detailed thematic review on the medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, social medicine and public health. In case of submitting a previously published article (or sent for publication in any other journal), repeating the pending article for more than 50%, the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject the article from being published in the “The Moldovan Medical Journal”.
       3. The editors do not impose authors to cite papers published in “The Moldovan Medical Journal” in order to artificially improve scientometric indicators of the journal.
       4. The Editorial Board ensures that submitted material will be subject for a peer review by anonymous independent experts.

Responsibility of authors

       1. Authors are responsible for the content of the article, confirming the use of only original scientific data. In case of borrowing materials from other researchers (or from an earlier publication of the given authors) the correct reference or citation should be made. Regarding plagiarism and fraudulent data please read chapter 2.3, 2.4 and 4 of the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.
       2. Authors guarantee that submitted article has not been previously published in English or any other language nor simultaneously submitted to another journal.
       3. Authors should write the article in conformity with the Guide for Authors. Otherwise, the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject the article from consideration for publication.

Responsibility of reviewers

       1. Reviewers must present an objective expertise of the manuscript. In case of any conflict of interests (self-interest, personal animosity, financial or scientific conflicts, etc), the reviewers must immediately inform the Editorial Board about it.
       2. Reviewers are required to remain confidential and not to disclose information about or from the article under review to an unauthorized person.

Address of the Editorial Office

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