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Welcome to the Moldovan Medical Journal!

       The Moldovan Medical Journal is an international scientific double-blind peer reviewed periodical edition, 6 per year, of the Scientific Medical Association of the Republic of Moldova designed for specialists in the areas of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, social medicine and public health.
      From its debut the journal has striven to support the interests of Moldovan medicine concerning the new concepts of its development.
      The Editorial Board warmly welcomes both the readers of and the authors for the journal, all those who are enthusiastic in searching new and more effective ways of solving numerous medicine problems.
      We hope that those who want to make their contribution to the science of medicine will find our journal helpful and encouraging.

Boris Topor, MD, PhD, Professor

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Open Access Policy

       The Moldovan Medical Journal supports the Open Access policy. There are no fees to access the published articles. All the content of the journal is available on our web page in PDF immediately upon publication according to the Budapest, Berlin and Bethesda Open Access Initiative’s definition of Open Access (www.openaccessjournals.com). In the Republic of Moldova, the State policy in the field of sciences is based on the Code on Science and Innovation, adopted in July 15, 2004 (Law No 259-XV), which provides the guaranteed access to scientific information (usch.md/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Codul-ştiinţei-şi-inovării.pdf).

Copyright and License Policy

       The license to publish, copyright information and transfer of copyright agreement is expounded in the Authorship Statement Form. Along with it the journal site and its metadata are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4,0 International License that permits use, distribution, reproduction and adaptations in any medium as long as others share alike and the original work is properly cited (www.creativecommons.org).

Transfer of copyright agreement

       The Moldovan Medical Journal (MMJ) allows the authors to hold the copyright without restrictions. For papers with more than one author the corresponding author agrees and is allowed by co-authors to make decisions regarding prepublication release of information in the paper to the media, government agencies or both.
       The listed authors warrant that they are the authors and sole owners of the submitted manuscript. The authors also warrant that: the work is original; it has not been previously published in print or electronic version and is not under consideration by another publisher or electronic medium; it has not been previously transferred, assigned, or otherwise encumbered; the authors have full power to grant such rights.
      With respect to the results of this work, the manuscript of this or substantially similar content will not be submitted to any other journal until the review process in the MMJ has been officially completed (acceptance or rejection of the manuscript). The authors will comply with the requests of the MMJ editors and reviewers to improve the manuscript for publication. The unavoidable disagreements will be submitted in a written form; the authors are aware that the disagreement(s) with the MMJ's requests may result in the rejection of the manuscript.
      The authors hereby grant to the MMJ the right to edit, revise, abridge, and condense the manuscript. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in the MMJ, the authors hereby authorize the MMJ to publish their work in the journal. The authors permit the MMJ to allow third parties to copy any part of the journal without asking for permission, provided that the reference to the source is given and that this is not done for commercial purposes.       When the article is accepted for publication, the authors hereby agree to transfer to the MMJ all rights, including those pertaining to electronic forms and transmissions, under existing copyright laws, except for the following, which the author specifically retains: the right to make further copies of all or part of the published article for use in classroom teaching; the right to reuse all or part of this material in a review or in a textbook of which he is the author; the right to make copies of the published work for internal distribution within the institution that employs the author.

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

       The Anti-Plagiarism Policy of the Moldovan Medical Journal is based on the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement, chapters 2.3, 2.4, 3.4., and has the goal to avoid the harm to the journal as well as the reputation of authors.
       The Editorial Office uses the licensed version of the “Plagiat-Sistem Antiplagiat Company” (www.sistemantiplagiat.ro) and the Plagiarism Detection Software of the “iThenticate Company” (www.ithenticate.com) by courtesy of the Nicolae Testemitsanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova, the partner of the Moldovan Medical Journal, to detect instances of overlapping and similar texts in submitted manuscripts.
      The authors should learn the skills to effectively paraphrase and correct citations of sources. The authors are kindly requested to check their articles via a free online plagiarism detector before they attempt publications. For academic authors and PhD scholars the accepted level of plagiarism is up to 12%.
      If evidence of plagiarism is found in any article, the author will be offered a chance for rebuttal. If the arguments are considered unsatisfactory, a letter is immediately sent to all co-authors, their affiliated institutions and funding agencies and consequently the article is retracted.       The evident cases of plagiarism may result in a three-year ban on the future submission to the Moldovan Medical Journal.

Peer Review Process

       Submitted articles are first put under consideration to decide whether a given article fits into the area of the journal thematic, then articles are sent to reviewers for further approval, usually to leading experts in the field. The names of the authors and reviewers and their affiliation are not shown to each other.
       For an article to be published, it must have a well-reasoned approval of the two reviewers, which is then considered and further approved by the Editorial Board. If one of two reviews is “negative”, the Editorial Board is approving the rejection or the article is sent to another reviewer.
      If the article requires some modifications, it is returned to the author(s) to be revised, taking into account the reviewer’s recommendations. The modified version is then again forwarded to the reviewer, to consider a possibility for the publication of the article.
      The accepted article is forwarded for scientific editing and proofreading. The final version is adjusted with authors for approving and for correction of possible inexactitudes. However, essential modifications by the author(s) after editing and proofreading are not allowed.
      In case an article is rejected, the author(s) receive a well-reasoned explanation from the Editorial Board.

Equal rights, Ethics and Malpractice

       Articles are accepted for consideration regardless of nationality, gender, race, and sexual orientation, ethical, religious and political beliefs of the authors.
       Ethics and malpractice guidelines of the journal are described in the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement and based on:
       - Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors made up by the Committee on Publication Ethics (www.publicationethics.org).
       - Uniform Manuscript Requirements of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (www.icmje.org).
       - World Association of Medical Editors principles (www.wame.org).
       - National Ethics Committee Standards of the Republic of Moldova (http://lex.justice.md/md/362783/).


       The Digital Objective Identifier (DOI) for articles is provided by Zenodo (www.zenodo.org) with the support of Information Society Development Institute (www.idsi.md).
       Extensible Markup Language (XML) format for every article of the journal is provided by Zenodo (www.zenodo.org) and National Bibliometric Instrument (www.ibn.idsi.md).
       The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) code is provided by the Scientific Medical Library of the Nicolae Testemitsanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova (www.library.usmf.md).

Indexing, cataloging, rating

       The Moldovan Medical Journal is accepted into the international indexing databases:
       1. VINITI, All-Russian Scientific and Technical Information Institute. Moscow, Russia (www.viniti.ru).
       2. Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory. Michigan, USA (www.ulrichsweb.serialssolutions.com).
       3. Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources. Paris, France (www.road.issn.org).
       4. Zenodo organization. Geneve, Switzerland (www.zenodo.org).
       5. Scientific Electronic Library. Moscow, Russia (www.elibrary.ru).
       6. Russian Science Citation Index. Moscow, Russia (www.elibrary.ru/project_risc.asp).

       The Moldovan Medical Journal is listed in the catalogues:
      1. Central Scientific Medical Library. Moscow, Russia (www.scsml.rssi.ru).
      2. International Association of Academies of Sciences. Kiev, Ukraine (www.iaas.nas.gov.ua).
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      Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova appreciated the journal in category B+ (http://www.asm.md/?go=acte-administrative&n=2&new_language=0). Date 2017-12-21, Act number 169, Annexe 1.